25 most addicting iPhone and android games online

For the gamers who wish to indulge in the addicting games over iPhone and android games then there are certain games that can make you lose some ample amount of time without making you realize about the same. There are some of the deepest games on the planet that are a true example of addictiveness. There are many gaming apps that are true adrenaline rush and become addictive to play without putting them down. In this article, you will get to know the most addictive iPhone games and android games online.

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  1. Egg, Inc: It is one of the admired games that comes with the “Clicker” titles” In this game you need you to need to build an egg empire with just a click. You must build a boat: It is a blend of a match-three puzzle game such as candy crush. All you need to do is to build a boat and fight back enemies by saving the empire.
  2. Golf Peaks: It is actually a puzzles title that prompts you to use the specific shots to get the ball inside the hole and it’s a very addictive and challenging game.
  3. Alto’s Odyssey: It is a snowboarding game that is much more than what you think the fun part comes when the level gets advanced and takes unexpected terms.
  4. Twin fold: Smart, fun, interactive games needs to be played in short bursts but shines when you start to realize the actual depth of the game.
  5. Hidden Folks: It is a never frustrating game it prompts you to complete set objectives for the level in the given time frames.
  6. Clicker heroes: It is one of the most epic and addictive epic role-playing games where you have to just tap on the monsters and earn gold which will level up the character.
  7. Mini metro: All you need to do for playing this is to draw subway lines across the city in order to have transport the possible.
  8. Push and pop: The concept of this game is quite simple, you are a character of a large white block and you are in charge of pushing the smaller blocks from the grid for which you will get the points.
  9. Impossible Road: Just follow the Roads and then you will win the game, it might sound easy but it’s the trickiest games you ever played.
  10. Carcassonne: It’s more of a puzzle game where you will get features like cities, farms, and roads, just run the pieces, the player with the most of the wins.
  11. Space Team: The space team can be mastered by players who are experts in coordination.
  12. Hearthstone: There are many Hearthstone complexities, where you need to check and build a deck of minions, weapons, and spells. You can play the other players decks or the computers before you play the same.
  13. Clash Royale: It is a combination of card games and tower defense titles and every match does require the use of character along with item cards to build a base and attack the enemies.
  14. Beat Sneak Bandit: In this game, you need to tap on the screen to the beat of the game music in order to navigate the area.
  15. Threes: You need to arrange the series featuring the numbers that can be divided into three. When you can combine matching the numbers such as three and three to a large number.
  16. Super Hexagon: You need to move a triangle around a hexagon-shaped space in order to avoid the incoming walls. And all you need to do is within the beaten time to crack the code.
  17. Fortnite: If you Play Free games online, then this game has gained huge popularity amongst the gamers you just need to get the items, weapons and build the resources.
  18. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds: For those who play addicting games online need not to be explained the concept behind the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, you have to be the last man standing in the battlefield.
  19. Ridiculous fishing: On this platform, you have to cast a line, reel some fish in, and then fetch some points. Instead of the “ Ridiculous” game title the game is quite addictive and urges you to play it.
  20. Mega Dead pixel: It is known to be the “Endless faller” just like you have to run continuously like Temple Run. Pixelated graphics in this game is such a fun part to consider.
  21. Pigeon wings: It’s all about the adrenaline that gets high inside you and we can explain the premise in the extreme detail and its good to play and get addictive.
  22. Splitter critters: One of the best and unique puzzle games of all times, with the 2d platform to play. It involves a simple, brilliant, and mechanic memory platform that acts as a brain booster.
  23. Reigns: Create Reigns and protect them from the fellow enemies who try to attack your areas.
  24. Her Majesty: Both the games come with the series and the characters along with obstacles that require you to make a wise decision that is the ultimate goal to make the reign as long as possible.

Wrapping up: 

This article has depicted the list of the best and most addictive games played across the globe. These 25 games include the pogo games and the solitaire games also that are played on the devices like ios and android. So, play these addictive games and become a gamer of all times on online platforms for such fame games.

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