15 best cool math games for android

If you are looking for some brain boosters for your brain, then there are certain online platforms that will enable you to play some cool maths games. There are many of the sections in the society especially the kids, who feel uncomfortable with the word Maths and encourage them to play interactive and fun learning sessions for Maths sessions. So, there are some innovative ways to play interactive games on android devices and solve maths problematic issues that come during the game. In this article, we will discuss the 15 Best cool math games for android and solve those cool Mathematical games problems in no time. With this, let us start with the list of 15 Best cool math games for android.

cool math games


When it comes to solve games with cool math games problems then the first one of the list is 2048. In this game, you start the game with number 2 and you have to combine a similar tile till it reaches 2048.

Khan academy kids

This is a complete educational app that is one of the best interactive apps that is included in 15 Best cool math games for android. It uses puzzles and mini-games from other subjects as well. This application improves the problem-solving efficiency of the kids.

Math games

It is a two-player game for the players who have a high maths level than the basic. The idea behind any game to solve math problems is based on a set time limit. The more you answer correctly the more score you will get. It is one of the fun learning games when it comes to discussing 15 Best cool math games for android.

Math land

Another best game in the category of 15 Best cool math games for the android list because it includes the adventure story with maths. So, in Math land, you will have unique methods to solve the math problems.

Math Master

It is one of the prominent games in math games with a lot of options to choose from. The players can select the type of problems they wish to solve and one the category is selected you can move forward with 12 different languages. You can choose from different categories to solve the problem.

Math Riddles

Another game on the list of 15 Best cool math games for android contains some of the best brain boosters. It also has many games and puzzles from which you can choose.

Metal math master

If you are looking for some complicated math problems to solve then mental maths master is one for which you are waiting for. This app solves the advanced-level issues that come with simple, addition, subscription, multiplication, and division.


If you wish to solve the maths problems, then you have not completed the journey until you are not able to solve the Sudoku puzzles. One of the most popular games that are played across the globe, then Sudoku is a 3×3 square that contains 1 to 9. You need to understand the placement of the numbers from 1-9 in such a manner that no number overlaps the line or the grid. This is the fun game ever with Sodoku.


It’s altogether a different type of math game that is very much similar to the 2048 game. It is based on a concept where you have multiples of 3 and not with 2’s. The game is never becoming boring and monotonous is one of the best games and considered when it comes to 15 Best cool math games for android.

Toon math

In the final one, you have the list of 15 Best cool math games for android where you have a subway surfer that comes with an endless running game with maths games such as endless games which prompt.


This website provides educational games, videos, and activities with school children. The games on the website are organized by the grade levels that include the numbers, holidays, and strategies so that students of school age can play the maths games.


One of the free mini-games along with a training app where there is a need to put logic and thinking to meet in one place. There are a lot of challenges that can help with brain boosters to train your brai and for brain boosters games.

Crazy games

It is an extremely powerful gaming platform that will have features with free online games. The users can play games to gain money via ads.

Math Playground

It has an extensive collection of math and logical thinking games, with pattern blocks with stepwise instructions and modeling tools with logic puzzles with problem-solving activities when it comes to 15 Best cool math games for android.

Fun Brain

The Funbrain is one of the unique educational game that offers a lot of fun and interactive games with learning sessions using books, videos, and printables to solve grade 8 skills categories with developed problem-solving errors.

Conclusion – Top 15 cool math games problems to solve

The list in this article concludes the list of 15 cool maths games when you wish to Play free games online. If anyone missed this then please get in touch with the Customer support executives for the same. So, are you having fun while you are playing games via android devices, if yes then it is important to consider this list of games so that you can download these games with some knowledge? So, to opt for good brain boosters for your child, you need to consider this article and download the free interactive games on the online platforms. Download the games for free and remember there are some games that are not available for free so you need to visit the google play store from your android devices and get your hands on the fun interactive learning games to improve your mathematics problem-solving skills.

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