Top 10 PC games to add to your collection

If you are looking for the top PC games to update your library, then all you need is a good guide to help you find the best titles for you. Here it is! We’ve got a perfect list for you so that you can add more titles to your existing wealth of varied games. Covering diverse genres that can appeal to your taste, these top picks are worth playing. You can beat your enemies, join with your friends’ group, and put our best foot forward to win the rewards.

Top 10 PC games

List of top 10 PC games:

  1. Batman Arkham City

Developer – Rocksteady Studios

Publisher – Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment

Genre – Action-adventure

Platform – Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4, Play Station 3, Wii U, OS X, Xbox 360, Xbox One

One of the most beloved DC Comics super hero batman is in the game, need we say more! It is one of the best PC action games that unveils the story of the Caped Crusader in Arkham City, a super-prison in Gotham City. Are you ready for some one-on-one fights with the antagonist?

  1. Doom Eternal

Developer – id Software

Publisher – Bethesda Softworks

Genre – First-person shooter

Platform – Microsoft Windows, Stadia, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 5.

As the main protagonist DoomSlayer, you can slaughter the demons who intend to exterminate humanity. You can confront the enemies using firearms like Combat shotgun, and melee weapons like a chainsaw.

  1. Death Stranding

Developer – Kojima Productions

Publisher – Sony Interactive Entertainment, 505 Games

Genre – Action

Platform – Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4

Death stranding is undoubtedly one of the best PC games online ever as this game has a great narrative set in apocalyptic US, fun gameplay, quests, and gorgeous visuals. Don the character ofSam Bridges, a porter who delivers cargo to isolated cities and fight invisible creatures called ‘Beached Things,’ bandits and terrorists.

  1. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Developer – Asobo Studio

Publisher – Xbox Game Studios

Genre – Amateur flight simulation

Platform – Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One

A game where the sky is the limit! For aviation enthusiasts, this is the best PC game to immerse into a world where you can get the joy of flight. From wide-body jets to light planes, engage in the aerial adventure with deep simulation.

  1. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Developer – FromSoftware

Publisher – Activision, FromSoftware

Genre – Action-Adventure

Platform – Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia

This game will take you to a fantastical setting dated back to 16th century Japan. As Shinobiaka ‘one-armed wolf,’ you get to smash the samurai clan using your ninja powers. Kill monsters, indulge in sword fights, and master stealth systems.

  1. Monster Hunter: World

Developer – Capcom

Publisher –Capcom

Genre –Action role-playing game (RPG)

Platform – Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter is one of the biggest gaming franchises that offers the best PC games. In this creature-slaying series, you can track down snarling beasts with the help of clues and destroy them with the help of your armor and 14 types of weapons.

  1. Forza Horizon 4

Developer – Playground Games

Publisher – Microsoft Studios

Genre – Racing

Platform – Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox Series X/S

Add a dash of racing fun to your games collection with Forza Horizon 4. It is one of the best PC games when it comes to speed and thrill-seeking. Set in historic Britain, this game will let you collect 450 cars, experience changing seasons, view the scenic countryside, and seaside roads as you become the Horizon Superstar.

  1. Cities: Skylines

Developer – Colossal Order

Publisher –Paradox Interactive

Genre – Construction and management simulation

Platform – Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch

Cities Skylines

When we talk of the city-building genre, it is indeed the best PC game of the modern age. You can indulge in urban planning by controlling zoning, and maintaining the city in sandbox mode as the skyscrapers rise.

  1. Control

Developer – Remedy Entertainment

Publisher – 505 Games

Genre – Third-person shooter

Platform – Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Luna

For those who love the supernatural genre, Control is one of the best PC games to keep you at the edge of your seat. You have to find the Objects of Power and battle the otherworldly entity called Hiss.

  1. Alien: Isolation

Developer – Creative Assembly

Publisher – Sega

Genre – Survival horror, stealth, Action-adventure

Platform – Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Play Station 3, Play Station 4, Xbox 360, OS X, Nintendo Switch, Linux

The name itself sounds intriguing! Inspired by the Alien sci-fi horror film series, this game is among the top 10 PC games because it is an ideal combination of survival horror features, crafty tactics. Assume the role of Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Alien protagonist Ellen Ripley, and explore the space station while dodging the aliens using tools like motion tracker and flamethrower.

Grab your favorite title from the list given above and start taking down the opponents right now! From action, RPGs to puzzle games, try different genres to satisfy the game enthusiast in you until you find a new release and embark on your next adventure.

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