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From Solitaire and Bridge to Mahjong and Daily Crossword Puzzles,
Enjoy our collection of fun, Free Online Games!

MSN Games - Your destination for online gaming adventure

MSN Games is a gaming platform that allows the users to indulge in a fun-filled gaming escapade anytime, anywhere, be it school, or workplace. The portal offers a plethora of games encompassing a variety of game categories like puzzles, quizzes arcade, casino, trivia, and card games. The platform provides hours of entertainment with games that can be played free online or on a trial basis or with a full feature pay-to-play versions.

Owned by Microsoft, MSM users don’t need to worry about the safety of their system as the MSN Games(https://zone.msn.com/) are 100% malware-free.MSN Games have the potential to enable the users to explore the wide range of games depending on the genre they like to enhance their casual gaming experience.

MSN free online games

As the users enjoy 3D visuals and eye-catching graphics, MSN Games offers an array of small casual games free of charge. MSN free online games feature various options – single player, multiplayer, PC download, and social casino video games. Users can play MSN free online games and enjoy the best of virtual entertainment.

Top MSN Gamesto play

  • 01 Outspell – It is a free word puzzle game that tests your knowledge to spell words and the ability to strategically arrange the words on a 13×13 board. Every scrabble player would love to play Outspell and maximize the value of their word tiles.
  • 02Deal or No Deal – Based on a popular American reality show with the same name, Deal or No Deal offers a similar experience as the contestants on the show. The players are presented with 26 sealed briefcases containing different amounts of money ranging from 1 cent to 1 million dollars. If you open a case and say “deal,” then you can walk out with that money and if you say “no deal,” you continue to open the other cases.
  • 03Trizzle – If you are searching for a puzzle game, then your hunt ends here. In Trizzle, there are 25 Russian nesting dolls. Your aim is to stack three identical dolls by moving them in the same rows or columns.
  • 04MahJong Tiles – Another puzzle game to occupy your mind is MahJong Tiles. The concept of this tile-matching game is to combine similar tiles to make them disappear and clear the space on the field to win rewards.
  • 05Bubble Town –It is an arcade puzzle game that contains colorful bubbles. All you have to do in Bubble Town is grab the cannon at the bottom of the screen, match the three or more bubbles of the same kind, and burst them.
  • 06Microsoft Mahjong – Inspired by the Chinese board game, Microsoft Mahjong is a memory game where you have to match tiles sporting the same symbols. You can train your brain by taking up exciting daily challenges.
  • 07Addiction Solitaire Games –For all the card game lovers, Addiction Solitaire would definitely become an obsession. You have to sort all the cards by their values and arrange them in perfect rows in a series of moves.
  • 08Mahjongg Toy Chest –It is one of the popular tile-matching games where you have to de-clutter the toy chest. Mahjong Toy Chest contains tiles with the drawings of trains, dolls, stars, etc., and you have to select the matching pairs to win the game.
  • 09Crescent Solitaire –Test your card skills with another game Crescent Solitaire. Unlike the traditional layout, the cards are scattered in the shape of a crescent moon around eight center cards.
  • 10Canfield Solitaire –Another challenging version of solitaire where your goal is to place all 52 cards of the deck in the foundations (the four upper right piles). Can you do it? If yes, then try Canfield Solitaire.
  • 11Just Words –If you are a word wizard, then Just Words would be an ideal pastime activity for you. Create a new word from the six random letter tiles that are displayed on the board and earn lots of points.
  • 12Family Feud –This question-based game is inspired by a famous television show called Family Feud. You have to answer the survey questions and your response can get you points.
  • 13Zone Online Casino –You can play poker, blackjack, bingo, and more such games on Zone Online Casino.It is a virtual social casino game to try your hands at poker.
  • 14Hearts – A multiplayer game where you can ace your card skills and outsmart your opponents. The trick is to earn the lowest score by avoiding The Hearts.
  • 15Word Wipe –It is a classic word game where you have to link letters to form words (at least three letters long). The more the number of letter combinations, the higher the scores in Word Wipe.
  • 16Mahjongg Toy Chest –It is one of the popular tile-matching games where you have to de-clutter the toy chest. Mahjong Toy Chest contains tiles with the drawings of trains, dolls, stars, etc., and you have to select the matching pairs to win the game.
  • 17Text Twist– It is an interesting word game that tests your vocabulary skills. Text Twist gives you a set of six letters and you have to form as many words as you can. If you master the art of building words out of jumbled letters, then you can easily advance to the next round.
  • 18Bouncing Balls –Another thrilling puzzle game where you have to control the ball launcher to place the similarly colored balls into the playfield. In Bouncing Balls, you have to hurry and shoot the balls to get to the next level.
  • 19Run Rabbit Run –In this game, you have to help the bunny run and jump as fast as possible on a route that is filled with obstacles like saw blades, sharp spikes. Hence the name Run Rabbit Run. Of course, there are delicious carrots to pick up on the way!
  • 20Cubis 2 – An addictive puzzle game with twists and daily challenges. Cubis 2 features different colored cubes and your job is to match three or more cubes of the same color to make them disappear as a group on the isometric table.